Both applications are housed inside the fastest growing Customer Relationship Management (CRM) for digital and ecommerce marketers: Groove.CM.


Kartra costs at least $99/month while GroovePages costs $0 (PRO is one time payment starting at $1,397 only). But with Kartra, everything is out of BETA and usable.
This groovefunnels affiliate program review is for you, if you are serious about making commission money. .


Which means better reporting and a holistic picture of what’s working in your sales funnel.
So if you are just getting started or are a veteran online marketer grab this while it is still available for free. Because once your in for free, you have the guarantee that you will always have a free account.


Where each day for 30 days, students receive an email lesson of Copywriting lessons.
On top of that Shopify takes a percentage of your stores sales, yes on every transaction. There is no way around that. There fee’s starts at 2.0%. A $299 monthly fee (to compare GrooveKart has) For additional APPS And a % of your success. A super Low Monthly rate. With the coupon code it works out to less than $42. They never charge a fee or % of your sales. The Price will be $997 with a $500 off launch coupon. Final Price $497. (Annual cost $497). The Price will be $397 every 3 months with a $200 off launch coupon. Final payment $197 every 3 months. (Annual cost $591) The Price will be $149 a month with a $50 off launch coupon. Final payment $99 a month. (Annual cost $1188) Groove Kart Full Demo + Explainer Video


The idea behind videos is to add an extra layer of interest for your customers and potential leads. And ClickFunnels allows you to implement these seamlessly.











I know it’s hard to trust a random article you found online so feel free to check out my Youtube videos first, I’ll wait (come back though 😊 ).

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    Here’s a quick summary of the powerful apps you get on GrooveFunnels, as well as the popular tools each app replaces:

    Because it is a unique masterpiece, you won’t find it anywhere else, only in our online store!
    The learning curve of both platforms is very steep because both GroovePages and ClickFunnels are easy-to-use platforms. The more you get into them, the better you learn. ClickFunnels keeps its users informed and updated with online books and courses, whereas GroovePages carries out live weekly training sessions in the GrooveFunnels academy.

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    It helped me create stunning websites with elements such as pop-ups, countdown timers, blocks, buttons, and many more.

    SamCart has very similar features like GrooveSell however they charge $49 per month.
    One of the best features of this is that you can team this up with their automated email system.


    If you already have a GroovePages account, you can access GrooveMail for free and start integrating it into your website funnel.

    Simone Blum2021-06-02T08:39:16-05:00Categories: Groove Tips|Tags: affiliate management, ecommerce, groovefunnels, groovekart, groovesell, Startup|12 Comments GrooveMail Tutorial: How To Use Forms Gallery GrooveMail Tutorial: How To Use Forms
    Well, I know this is a cheesy line, but the truth is Groove was pre-launched in the beta stage during COVID time. Founders thought to give free accounts to newbie marketers as a way to give back to the community till the time the platform is in the beta stage.

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    High converting email copy: Utilize the art of persuasion through words to engage your prospects and increase your open rates and click through rates.Spam-proof: never again worry about your emails going to the spam folder, these pre-written email swipes increases your email delivery rate.

    John’s expertise in the needs of a superior platform made it possible for GrooveKart to not only compete with Shopify but to do it better, easier, and more affordable.
    Unlike ClickFunnels, GroovePages publishes your .html page to the web.Which means your site actually exists on the web.A site like ClickFunnels has to render your site every time the page loads.That means you need to worry about Uptime as well as slow load times.This can affect your SEO and ads costs if you’re running ads.Your pages are hosted with the best servers in the world (Amazon servers)

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Since GrooveFunnels includes Groove pages as a funnel builder, GrooveKart also includes many built-in, high converting templates for funnels, landing pages, tracking analytics, etc to help you increase conversion.


The first thing you’ll see when first log in to GrooveFunnels is the “Groove Affiliate Program” button.


The first step is to sign up for a Free Groove Funnels Account Which You Can Do Here:

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GrooveFunnels is ideal for businesses that are currently "duct-taping" several e-commerce solutions and want a streamlined alternative. HM Optimisation adds that this package is especially helpful for the niches it serves, including small business, medical practices, and service contractors.

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