GroovePages LITE is what you get in the Base plan that’s available to all. It’s a completely FREE page builder with drag-and-drop feature.


Video analytics: Finally, video analytics allows you to figure out the top-performing videos, engagement ratio, and audience behavior. As a result, you can modify your marketing campaign.
GrooveKart has more features than any other platform out there, and it's constantly adding new ones. Plus, it's free to use! .


In reality, GrooveFunnels’ free version is only good for beginner marketers who are just learning the ropes, not for gurus like many of you guys reading this.
Blogging online has never been simpler. You don’t need to know how to code. All you need is your life story. Start writing today.


There’s plenty of templates on the free plan however lifetime customers get access to the entire gallery of templates.
I would use GrooveKart to test and validate new products quickly without modifying your existing store.


He wanted to generate an eCommerce platform that was better but more affordable and offered more than Shopify or WooCommerce and other platforms on the marketplace.












GrooveKartⓇ is a free, powerful platform that can handle all of your ecommerce business operations in a centralized place. It has more standard features than the top industry platforms, without having to pay hundreds of extra dollars for built-in integrations and applications.

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    For a free website creator, sales funnel builder, sales and affiliate management platform – GroovePages packs a punch at zero cost.

    My GrooveDigital review after having been on platinum for almost a year now is that it's well worth the investment. Even though it's in beta, you're getting it to manage your online business with lifetime access. You'll never have to pay a subscription fee again!
    Promoting GrooveFunnels on your website or blog is an excellent way to start out in affiliate marketing. GrooveSell is the app where you can set yourself up as a GrooveFunnels affiliate and earn commission on any affiliate sales you make. On GrooveSell, you can also set up product options and pricing, and create product sales funnels for your GroovePages.

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    The system integrates perfectly with all of the other features within GrooveFunnels.

    Just when you think it couldn’t get any better, GrooveFunnels made a quick change. With the introduction of this new service from Click Funnels, they have seen their revenue jump by 300%! The life-time offer is an unbeatable deal. In fact, they aren’t allowed to talk about the pricing in order to maintain their competitive edge and keep making money online!
    even if you do have your own Shopify stores. You still can make a decision to transfer that same very Shopify stores right into GrooveKart platform with no extra charges!

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    Over half of LGBTQ Southerners say their parents tried to change or repress their identity, report finds

    Yes within GrooveSell, you can create a Partner Contract with other Groove members by entering in their user id and assigning a percentage split of any of your product.
    I can’t believe it’s been almost a year since I said yes Groove and I’m still not using it. Thank you, Mike and Team, for warming up the email system so that I’ve received this info at a time when it’s possible to start moving over. I could definitely use knowledgeable help in doing that move. Who do you know?

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    You’re not just limited to one partner, along your journey you may meet several people that you want to have partnerships with.

    Coming from other stores you can export your store as a CSV and import to GrooveKart.
    GrooveKart is a new eCommerce platform, developed by Groove digital, that has been under development for over 2-years. It offers premium features at a reasonable price not available in other eCommerce platforms such as Shopify.

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In the example below, let’s say we’re selling an Instagram course and to keep it simple, there are no upsells or downsells.


This can be percentage or dollar amount based, and you can set it to expire in different ways such as by date or by quantity used. GrooveSell Integrations Integrate GrooveSell with 900+ apps in 1 Click. No Learning Curve For Non-techies.


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